Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do YOU Love Mondays?!?!

Sent this out to our TFT clients this morning and thought I'd share this with you all .............Hope everyone had a kick-ass weekend!! To really achieve your goals, you NEED to embrace today!! Many people dread this day and are already waiting for the week to end........not a good mindset if you want to succeed. We love Mondays because it's the best day to plan out the week ahead, get everything organized, and set the tone for a successful week. Here's a few tips to get you excited about Mondays too:

- Plan, plan, plan out your days of the week on Sunday so you know what's ahead of you. Plan out your meals, workouts, work meetings, and any other things that you need to get done. You use your phone, computer, or piece of paper to organize your week, just don't use an excuse!!!
-Get a good night's rest - You know you probably have to get up early on Monday, so make sure you go to sleep early (this means by 11 pm or earlier) on Sunday. Prepare for sleep by shutting off all electronics (tv, computer, cell phone, etc.), read a book, relax, and wake up energized for the start of the week!!
- Enjoy IT - Whether it be your job or fitness goals if you genuinely enjoy what you do, it's easy to love Mondays. This doesn't mean loving every minute of your goal or job, but you need to know that what you're doing has a purpose, and if it doesn't, then you need to ask yourself WHY NOT?!?!!
It's up to YOU how you CHOOSE to start your week and if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many times all it takes is a change in perspective/mindset. If you still find Mondays to be a drag and can't wait for Friday, then maybe you need to change your habits and environment before anything can improve........hmmmm....

"In order to succeed, we often need to try new things. Venture outside of your comfort zone to find the answers you need. Seek opportunity, not security."

"To achieve your goal, you must truly believe in yourself. End the "I'll try" mindset and switch to an "I'm going to succeed" belief."

Dedicated to your success!


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