Sunday, December 15, 2013

And The WINNERS Are:

We just completed the first TFT Transformation Challenge! We had over 30 clients enter this contest during arguably the hardest time of the year to stay in shape, "the holidays" (Nov. 28th - Jan. 16th)!! The judging was based primarily on their transformation, their fitness journey/story, and attendance/effort level at our workouts. As you will see from the pics below, this was one of the most difficult tasks we've ever had to do, but we finally reached a decision.

Sam always put in hard work in the gym, but once he started to make changes in his nutritional habits and took his training to another level (never missing a workout), well, you see what can be accomplished in a pretty short amount of time! Dropped 15 pds, but most importantly really transformed his body!! Congratulations "Soupy"!!
Second Place:

Ryan Shough
Ryan got serious about his diet and training (sometimes coming in 2x a day!!). Increasing the weights and intensity during our workouts were the keys to his transformation (as well as staying and doing extra arm and ab work AFTER finishing his workout!!). Good things happen to those who put in the time and effort!!
Third Place:

Lea Baclagan
This contest was what Lea needed to challenge herself. She focused on improving her muscle definition and strength. She added 40 pds on her trap bar deadlift (can now do 185 pds) as well as increasing the amount of reps and weights she uses on other exercises as well. See, lifting heavy weights DOES NOT make girls "bulky". Great job!!

Like I said before, this was one of the toughest decisions we've ever had to make. Here's some of the finalists who made our decision so hard:

Ed SotoEd's always been a strong dude, but lacked in the conditioning department (for fear of losing strength). Once he implemented some of our conditioning circuits to his regimen, not only is he leaner (dropped 24 pds!!), his strength levels increased!!

Jessica BrainerdJessica still kept up her workouts and made healthy food choices even while traveling during the holidays. That's great commitment and dedication! She's only begun to scratch the surface of her potential!!

AFTER:Christin is always active (running 5k, 10k, and soon a half marathon!!) and follows a healthy diet, but hit a plateau, physique-wise. When she actually upped her caloric intake, her body "transformed" dropping 10 pounds, flattening her stomach, and getting stronger.

Genevieve HanGenny focused on reducing sweets and alcohol from her diet and as a result, dropped 13 pds during the 50 days!! Committing to our workouts and her diet has affected her life in a positive way. She says, "Not only has this competition made me stronger physically, but also mentally."

Vivian Leung:Vivian is another client who is very consistent in her workouts and eating habits. This has lead to getting back to her pre-baby weight and feeling as fit as ever!!

Congratulations to each and every client that entered this challenge, and especially those who completed it!! You're ALL winners!! Contests/challenges can be great motivation to help you stay on track with your fitness/nutrition routines and achieve your goals! Look out for our next contest in the very near future!!


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